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Office Login

Office Login is a versatile process that is needed at various levels on using the Office product. You will be asked to sign in to your account at the time of purchasing and activating the subscription, modifying the information, canceling the subscription, or else. To know more about the Office login and its process, you must take a look at the information provided in this article.

Instructions to Perform Office Login Process

Office Login​

The login is a simple process that can be accomplished in a few straightforward steps. The following are the instructions provided for the same. 

Note: For Office login, you must have an account registered. By visiting the office.com/setup creation webpage, you can create an account. 

  1. Launch a web browser on your computer system by tapping on its icon. 
  2. Then, enter the Office Login URL i.e. office.com/myaccount in the empty address field which is placed on the top-most corner.
  3. In the sign-in window, you will get a field for entering the email address. Input the email address of your connected account and move further. To get another window, press the “Next” tab.
  4. Now, the field for the login password will prompt. In this field, you have to type the passcode that is securing your account from illegal access. 
  5. When you are confident with your entries, confirm the process by pressing the “Sign In” button. 
  6. As you do so, you will get access to your account.

Procedure to Close your Office Account

Office Login​

There can be different reasons why a user wants to close his/her Office account. Either because you don’t need the Office account anymore or because you have another account or else. If you too want to get your account closed, you are first recommended to unlink your account from everywhere, cancel on-going subscriptions, save all your files, transfer the ownership, and more. Once you are confirmed that you are ready to close your account, you can start off with the given procedure. 

  1. Move to the close account window. You will get the link for the same on the support page of Office. 
  2. Then, you are needed to sign in to your account. Provide the correct login credentials and confirm sign in. Make sure you enter the credentials of the account that you want to close. 
  3. Now, Office will aks you to office.com/verify your identity. This is a much-needed step to ensure that no one is trying to close the account on your behalf. Hence, click your email account and check the code that Office has sent you.  
  4. Come back to the cancellation window and enter the code. Then, press the “Verify” option. 
  5. After this, the instructions to perform before you close your account will prompt on your screen. Review them and click “Next”.
  6. The list of several options will appear. Read them and tickmark each of the checkboxes in order to confirm that you acknowledge them. At the bottom of the list, you will get a tab to choose a reason for your account closure. Make the selection and hit “Mark Account for Closure” tab. 
  7. The confirmation message will display. Click “Done” to end the process.

General Office Login Queries

Q1. How can I login to my Office account after installing the application on my device?

Ans. If you are done with the installation of the Office application on your system, you can sign in to your account by following the given directions. 

  • Open the Office application by tapping on its icon. You can find the icon for the same on the desktop of your device or in the Start menu. You can open any of the Office applications as per your preference.  
  • Now, take a look at the upper-right corner and click the “File” option from there. 
  • Followed to this, select the “Account” option.
  • Then, tap “Sign in” to get the Office login window on your screen. 
  • Type in your email address and password in the provided field and confirm the process of signing in. 

Q2. How does Microsoft Office respond to unusual Office logins?

Ans. Microsoft Office takes the security very seriously, and hence, it takes all the measures that are required for keeping the account protected from unlawful access. For protecting your account from unusual access:

  • Office asks users to keep their phone number as well as email addresses updated. 
  • Your account might also get blocked if your account gets signed in again and again from a new device or when someone enters the wrong password multiple times or else. 
  • Office sends its users the notification every time the account is accessed from a different location.
  • Users are asked to provide the code that Office sends on the registered email address and password whenever it finds something unusual.