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What is MS Office?

Microsoft Office is well equipped with the various versions of productivity tools and applications. It gives you various tools that serve a unique purpose and offer its users some specific services.  For example, you’ve got Microsoft Word to create documents and spreadsheets. Microsoft Powerpoint is used to organize and send the presentations to your clients. You can also access Microsoft Outlook to monitor your email and calendars. It offers different applications as per the needs and demands of the users which is classified as per the need for the office, home, or for students use. With the upcoming of its latest and top-notch security features, it has become much easier to carry on with the computer-based tasks. Microsoft Office is affordable than any other productivity tools. This suite is very easy to use that is why users can easily accomplish their tasks easily. Once you purchased the Office subscription you can enjoy the features and services of the Office product. 

Best features of Microsoft Office


Microsoft Office is a collection of all the Office productivity tools that offers amazing features and services that make our work much easier. You just have to create one user account to access your favorite productivity application on your computing device. The benefit of using the Microsoft office is that it also offers some premium versions along with the Microsoft Office 365. You can also make the choice among the different office suite as per your needs and requirements. To do so, you just have to browse its online store by visiting its official website. Users have to complete the office.com/setup process to access all its extraordinary features and services. Also, it offers different versions such as Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft 2019, and many more. 

Minimum System requirements to install MS Office


Before you begin with the install office you must fulfill the minimum system requirements to install the applications. Installing the Microsoft Office on a Windows computer ensure that you have a dual-core processor including the speed limit of at least 1.6 GHz. You need the operating system such as Windows 7 and 8.1. The latest version of the operating system that you must have is Windows 10. Make sure that 2GB or 4 GB storage space must be available on your windows running PCs. Moreover, it must have a hard disk space up to 4 GB. Besides this, it must have the upgraded version of web browsers installed. The web browsers that your system must have are Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. 

On the other hand, installing it on Mac-based computers ensure that your system must have an Intel core processor. Internet browsers that are compatible with these computers is a newly launched version of Apple Safari. Three latest and up to date version of the operating system must be installed on your Mac devices. Along with this, the device must have 4GB RAM and hard disk space up to 10 GB. 

Where do I found my Office Product key?

Office Product key

You can easily grab the Office product key depending on how you purchase your Office.com/setup product. Different locations from where you can easily grab it is explained below. 

Under Services and Subscriptions Page- Once you have activated your Office subscription you can easily acquire the 25 characters long Office product key in your Office.com/setup account. When you get it, you need to save it at a safe place to activate your Office subscription.  

By Launching the Order Confirmation Mail- While purchasing any of the Office products from the online store you will get an order confirmation mail. After this, what you have to do is access your registered mail id with Microsoft Office. You will get your Product key within the mail itself. Note it down carefully without missing any single digit to avoid activation issues.  

On the retail card-  Just in case, you have bought the Office product from the physical store you will get a product box. That product box contains the installation CD and the retail card. After that, you just have to take out your product key card from the box. You will see the silver foil coating on the backside of it, scratch it off properly. Once you scratch it, you will be able to see your Office product key that you require for office.com/setup.

Steps to download office setup for windows & mac?

Office Setup

Before you begin the downloading process on your preferred devices, ensure that the source of downloading is reliable. Also, it should be free of any sort of spam and malicious content that can cause damage to your device. 

    • To download the Office product, use Google Chrome or any other safe web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. 
    • Visit the main interface of Office, with the help of office.com web address. It is the safest mode through which you can download the product without worrying about any risk. 
    • This will lead you to the preferred webpage from where you have to click on the Products tab from the header bar. 
    • As a result, it will open the list of various available Office products right in front of you. Here, you will see different suits of Microsoft products that fit best as per the business, home, and education needs. 
    • Browse the various products offered by Office and deeply go through its features and pricing. After this, make the appropriate choice and opt for the product that suits you best. 
    • Click on the Buy Now tab located beneath the name of the product which you have chosen to step forward with office.com/setup.
    • From the Shopping Cart window, you need to verify the total amount of the order. And then, tap on the Checkout option.
    • Soon after this, the Billing information window opens on your screen. It presents you with an application form where you have to mention the card details like cardholders name, account number, the expiration date of the card, and so on. You also have to enter your personal details correctly in it.
    • Now, you are prompted to sign in to your Office account. Simply insert the email address or phone number with which you have created your Office.com/setup account and move to the next window. 
    • Following that, you have to enter the password carefully as the passwords are case sensitive to avoid further sign-in issues. Once entered, cross-check the password and press the Sign In button. If the user doesn’t have an account prior, then firstly you need to create one. 
    • Finally, you will get a purchase confirmation mail on the address that you mentioned above. Simply access the mail account and there it will provide you a safe and secure downloading link. Place your cursor and press on the link to start the downloading. This completes the entire process of downloading the Office product. 

Steps to Install Microsoft Office Setup on Mac and Windows

  • There are two different ways through which you can install the Microsoft Office product. The first one is through the online downloaded file and another way is through the installation CD.


    • If you have purchased the Office subscription from the retail store you will get an installation CD, take it out from the product box. The next thing that you have to do is to locate and insert the CD into the CD-Drive of your system carefully. Soon after this, you will get the setup window, click on it to move further. Instantly it starts installing the file.
    • Whereas, if you are installing via an online downloaded file then locate for the setup file of Office.com/setup. Once you get the file, double-click on it to launch the application on your computer system. 
  • Once you launch the setup file on your computer, it will open the Security Warning Pop up box. Here, depending upon the internet browser you need to select the option. For instance, you have to tap on Run while using Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge. Tap on the Setup tab in Google Chrome and Save the file tab while accessing Mozilla Firefox. 
  • Following that, simply drag your cursor and press the Yes tab in the User Account Control window. This will enable your device to make some essential changes. 
  • Mac users will be prompted with a Software Licensing Window. Analyze the terms and conditions of the agreement and if you accept the terms of usage of the application, select I Agree.
  • The next step is to log in to your Office account via registered login username and password. Proceed further by clicking the sign-in button. 
  • Once you are done with the installation part, you will get a message Installation is successfully done right in front of you. 
  • At last, press the Close button to shut down the installation wizard after completing the installation. 

Steps to Activate Microsoft Office Setup


Activating your Microsoft Office subscription is important to access all the features and services offered by Office. You will be notified of the latest products launched or can renew your purchased subscription once it comes to end.

Point to remember:

You must have an appropriate Office product key as per your operating system to activate it on your device. The product key is a keycode of 25 digits that you get either in your order verification mail or on your product key card. 

  • Commence the activation process by launching a safe and reliable web browser on your computer. Go to the activation window of Microsoft office by entering the URL office.com/setup. 
  • On the desired webpage, log in to your Office account or establish a new account if you don’t have it earlier. To log in successfully to your Office account, enter the email address and password linked with this account. Ensure that you are entering the correct office login credentials otherwise, it will create login issues. 
  • Furthermore, you need to input the office product key in the assigned text field. Be very attentive and alert while copying or entering your product key. 
  • Besides this, choose the preferred country name and language from the drop-down menu box. Hence, it completes the activation of Office subscription for office.com/setup. 

Difference between office For Home, For Education For Business?


Microsoft Office is an outstanding software that deals with various productivity tools. In short, these productivity tools come in different packages or suits that fit best according to the needs and budget of the users. The main difference between the business and education products is the application they provide to the users. Both of them come with applications like Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and also One Note. But the applications for students in the educational sector don’t include applications like Outlook, Publisher, and Access. These applications are included only in the suite for business purposes. 

The outlook is the application that is used in the business sector so as to maintain their emails and maintaining the database. You can use the Microsoft Office product for personal use by writing the texts and creating a database. Also, you can prepare the presentations using the Microsoft Excel application. To purchase any product of Microsoft Office, you just need to purchase its monthly or annual subscription. Just after purchasing the subscription, you can easily accomplish your task without making much effort. Users must have a user account in order to access the extraordinary and top-notch features offered by Microsoft office products. 

How to Reinstall my MS office?

Reinstall Office
      • In the beginning, access the most recently launched web browser on your system. To do so, Windows users must use web browsers like Microsoft Edge, UC Browser, Firefox, etc. Whereas the Mac users must access the latest version of Apple Safari. After that, enter the web address office.com
    • Thereafter, you will be redirected to the official webpage of Microsoft Office. Here, you need to drag your cursor and click on the Profile icon. You will trace this icon at the top right corner of the page. 
    • You are then supposed to simply sign in to the Office account. For this, type in the username or phone number using which you have established your account. Also, enter the password correctly in the assigned fields and sign in to your Office account. 
    • Once you reach your accounts portal of Microsoft Office you will get the downloading link. Tap on the download link and then proceed to the next step. 
    •  Soon after this, it will save your setup file in the Downloads folder. Go to the system’s download folder and then double-click on it. 
    • After this, run the downloaded setup file to run the application properly on your device. 
    • Following that, click the Yes tab from the User Account Control dialogue box. 
    • Have a look at the Software License Agreement carefully and proceed further. It will begin the installation process on your system. 
    • Finally, tap on the Finish tab once the installation process is over.