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Reinstall Office 365

Reinstall Office 365

Reinstallation is the quick and easiest way to overcome all the software issues. There are circumstances when Office applications do not work properly or it shows you an error while opening the app. This manual will provide you a step-by-step procedure to reinstall or download Office 365 in just a few moments.

Why to Reinstall Office 365?

There are some application issues that do not let you access the Microsoft services smoothly. Here is a list of issues that will definitely get resolved after reinstallation and you can continue your work without any breakdown or interruption. 

    • OneNote is not working properly and not syncing files.
    • You are unable to add images when using PowerPoint for making Office presentations. 
    • While using Microsoft Word for editing documents, you are continuously facing Header or Footer Problems. 
    • You are unable to access the files saved in OneDrive and it shows you an error message whenever you attempt to open the file. 
    • Unusual error messages display on the screen while making spreadsheets on Excel.

 All these issues can be quickly fixed just by reinstalling the application.

Reinstall Office 365

Step-by-step Procedure to Reinstall Your Office 365 Application

Reinstall Office 365

To reinstall Office 365, it is mandatory to first uninstall the Office application. Hence look at the below-given steps to uninstall and reinstall the software with ease. 

Step 1. Uninstall the Software

The uninstallation procedure is completely different for Windows and Mac. 

    • On Windows, you have to first search for the “Control Panel” application and open it. From its main interface, click Programs. By doing so, you will get to see a long list of all the applications that are presently installed on your system. In the search bar, type Microsoft Office 365, and when the application gets displayed, right-click on it. Then, select “Uninstall” and a pop-up box will come into view, click Yes for giving your consent to uninstall Office. 
    • On Mac, the foremost step is to open “Finder” that you can easily locate on the top panel of the desktop screen. Now, open the “Application” folder that you can probably access from the left side of the Finder window. View the install office apps from the list, right-click on it and select Move to Trash option. Now, go to the Trash folder, and click “Empty Trash” to completely uninstall the app from your Mac. 
    • The alternative method to install the software is to use the “Uninstall Support Tool”. This tool ensures that Office 365 application is successfully removed from your system. For this, navigate to the Support page of Microsoft and search for the Uninstall Support Tool. Click “Download” and when it gets completed, restart your PC. Once you restart, the tool will automatically start uninstalling the Office 365 application. Now you can step forward to Reinstall Office 365. 
Step 2. Visit office.com/setup to reinstall Office 365

As the software is uninstalled, you need to activate and install it again. For activation, the only thing you need is the product keycode which you will find either on your order confirmation receipt or on the retail card. Hence, carry out the below-listed steps to reinstall Office 365. 

    • Open a high-protected web browser as per your operating system and browse to office.com/setup. This website lets you re-activate and reinstall your subscription. 
    • As you are already enrolled with Office, you need to sign in by using the same credentials that you use at the point of purchasing the subscription. 
    • Now, its time for activation. For that, insert the same keycode into the “Enter Product Key” field that you got when you purchased the subscription. You also need to provide some of the additional details i.e Language and Country/Region. 
    • After that, confirm that the Auto-Renewal Toggle button is on to get the unstoppable services. By turning this on, the current subscription will automatically get renewed on the date of expiration. 
    • To proceed with the Reinstall Office 365 process, click Next. Now, under the segment of “Get Your Office”, click Next. This will open the page of all the subscriptions and services of Microsoft office
    • Hit the “Install” Button and the setup file will commence downloading. Once done, you will see a pop-up box on your screen with different options such as “Run”, “Save”, and “Save As”. Select the Run option and the application starts to install. If your internet speed is good enough, the installation will be finished in a few minutes. 
    • At last, click on the “Close” button and this ends the Reinstall Office 365 process. This way you can reinstall your Office subscription whenever you need by visiting office.om/setup.