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Install office​

Install office

Install office​​

Factors to Acknowledge Before Installing Office

  1. The basic requirement to install Office is to have stable Wifi signals on your Windows, Mac, or mobile device. As the installation takes a few minutes to complete, so your device must be fully charged to avoid unnecessary disruptions throughout the installation process. 
  2. You should review all the system requirements before installation. Check for the supported web browsers, cloud storage, device internal memory, and make sure that the Office application supports your operating system. 
  3. If you have bought the product from the retail store, you should first create an account via login.office.com. After signing in, you can easily install and activate the product via office.com/setup.
  4. Before installation, you should delete previous files of “Office” if you have any as it may create setup issues. 
  5. Further, close all the additional applications that are currently running on your system before installation. This will improve and optimize your device performance to ensure a quick installation.

Different Ways to Install Office on PC

Install office​​

Via Office.com/setup

This is the URL through which you can accomplish the Office activation and installation process. 

    • Go to office.com/setup and sign in to your Office account.
    • Get the activation key code and then enter it into its respective field. 
    • Select “Language” and “Country”. Then, click on the Next button under the “Get Your Office” section. 
    • In the “Download and Install Office” section, you should click on the “Install” button and the file will initiate downloading.
    • Once it is done, tap “Run” and the Installation will immediately start. 

From Your Registered Office Account 

    • Access the main page of your Office account by providing your credentials. On the top panel, click on the “Services & Subscriptions” option and you will get to see your Office product that you have recently purchased.
    • Select the language and the version of your operating system for example 32-bit or 64-bit. After that, click on the “Install Office” tab and it may show you a pop-up box. Click “Save File” and then select the Drive in which you want to store the file. 
    • Now, select “Install”, and the software download begins. Double-click the downloaded file. The User-Account Control pop-up box may display, click “Yes” and the installation will be completed within a couple of minutes. 
    • When the “Office is Installed Now” window comes into view, click Close. This way you can install your Office product by accessing your account.

Via Order Confirmation Mail

Whenever you purchase the product, you get an email that comprises a secure download link in order to set up your product. Hence, launch the mail, click “Download Now” and hold on till the file gets downloaded successfully. To install Office, you have to simply run the setup file that you will spot in the default downloads folder. This will display a new dialog box showing you the status of Installation. Once it gets over, you can launch the application and start using all the Microsoft services for your professional or personal use. 

Through Software CD

If you have a CD to install Office, place it properly into the disc drive. Now, you will be asked to provide the activation key. After entering it, click “Continue”. The License Agreement page will become visible on your screen, accept all the terms by clicking Continue. Now, you will be given an option to either install all the listed programs or choose your preferred ones by clicking Customize. After making an appropriate selection, click “Install Now” and the processing will begin.

Effectual Steps to Install Office on Mobile

  1. To install Office, the primary step is to locate the Play Store or App Store application on your mobile. Once you spot the application, launch it. 
  2. Put your cursor in the search bar and type “Microsoft Office” in it. Then tap “Install”. It is to be remembered that your mobile device must have enough MB space.
  3. Tap “Open” and allow all the permissions. When the main screen appears, tap “Get Started” and learn all the privacy terms. Then, click Next. 
  4. Thereafter, click “Connect Your Account”, and insert your Microsoft credentials. Then, by clicking on Sign In, you will be logged in into your account. 
  5. Also, you will see a pop-up box on your screen asking you to Save Password to Google. Tap either “Not Now” or “Save” based on your choice. 
  6. Then, another pop-up box will display by giving you an option to adjust your Privacy Settings. Click OK. 
  7. Following this, click on “Go Premium”, and choose a Plan between available Microsoft Subscriptions. 
  8. Then add your payment details such as Debit Card, Credit Card, or Net Banking and click “Save”. This will start your free trial and when 30 days are over, your subscription period will begin and the amount will get debited from your card.